Tom is currently a Software Engineer at Apple. Previously, he was the Director of Technology for Punch Media in New York.  He is also a developer and founder at Beret Applications LLC.  He also spent over 15 years at IBM, most of that at IBM Research, working on a variety of applications including mobile and web applications, tools (Eclipse and Jazz), collaboration, and large-scale real-time data collection.  Tom has been building mobile applications for over a decade, starting on the Palm OS platform and, more recently, on iOS (for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad).

While it might be amusing to anyone that I have opinions, these are, in fact, my opinions and mine alone.  They do not represent any entity for whom I work, live, breathe, eat, sleep, read, smell, taste, touch or otherwise interact with in the physical, metaphysical or fictional realms.  All I ask is that if you post any comments please keep them civil.

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