Announcing an iCloud Tutorial

I’m going to be speaking at CocoaHeads NY next month (December 5th) (as one of a couple of speakers).  I’m planning on doing an introduction to iCloud for developers.  What I’d like to do is work on pieces of this presentation here so that I could get some feedback during this.

I am currently in the finishing up stage of an application that I am building – a storyboarding application for the iPad (StoryBuild).  I am incorporating iCloud into this app partly as a learning experience and partly as a mechanism to sync the storyboards between different iPads (eventually I plan to port this application to other devices, but the iPad was my inspiration for this app).  Some of the topics I plan on covering in this tutorial are (in no particular order):

  • How to set up an application to use iCloud
  • Using NSFileManager and friends with iCloud
  • UIDocument and iCloud
  • Core Data and iCloud
  • Gotchas and failing gracefully

I only have a 30 minute presentation slot, and this is an ambitious list.  While I plan on referencing code I’m using in StoryBuild, I plan on having a separate project that will be available to download for you to try.  As to the format, I’m planning on following the same format I used in my Introduction to Cocos2D presentation from 360|iDev Austin in November, 2010.

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