I’m back for real.

I’ve been very busy the past three years with my latest job, and with my family life, and other things that eat time, so I’ve let this blog twist in the wind. I’ve decided to bring it back to life and to start writing pieces not about technology or programming but more about some of the experiences I’ve had in the past, specifically what’s going on with companies that I’ve used to be involved with, either as an employee or as a very involved party. Companies like IBM, NorTel, and Palm. I’ve been in this business for almost 33 years and I’ve had a lot of experiences, some good and some bad. I’ve also had time to look back and see what’s going on in the programming world in general, and there are lessons to be learned from some of the things I’ve witnessed.

And funny things happened, too. I hope to share some of those as well.

I do not plan to talk about anything relating to my current employer, Apple, so if you want any juicy tidbits about there, go somewhere else.

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